Donnerstag, 7. Februar 2013

salton sea I

the beauty and the beast

incredible (/) depressing

salton sea is a place hard to picture.

have a look for yourself.

more to come!

salvation mountain

fullfilling another dream

shaped by into the wild I did a trip to salton sea, the most bezarre place I've ever been.
more to come soon, you will be shocked and keen at the same time, promise!

this is salvation mountain, a oasis of love.
made by a single human for over 25 years.
we had a long talk with the owner and guardian, 
one of the nicest persons imaginable.
I also took some portraits which I will post here another time.

I decided to upload just a few pictures,
more will follow on my new website in march.

stay tuned, I'll have a lot of stuff to share with you!



Freitag, 25. Januar 2013

monument valley

it's been a long, long time since I had my last post.
that is just because I've been on the road so much,
seeing one of the most memorable places of my life.

grand canyon, monument valley, canyonlands national park, horseshoue bay,
joshua tree, arches national park, antelope canyon, etc.

so why no pictures?
because I had to economize, I was working like crazy and I felt exhausted.
but of course I want to share some of the best moments with you.

you are going to see all stories on my new website that is launching by the end of march.
until that, here is a short glimpse on monument valley, we've been at a hotel that is simply called 'The View', and yes it completly deserves its name.
all pictures are shot right out of the hotelroom patio!

Montag, 24. Dezember 2012

new projects preview

dark clouds are gathering... worlds end never happend?!

well I'm perfectly fine.
my mum arrived this week and I'm going to show her a bite of california.
we are located in death valley right now,
heading to las vegas over christmas for three days.

the reason for this post is a to give you a short preview of my
upcoming projects I am working on. sadly I actually shoot so much stuff
that I am not able to keep up with retouching.

nevertheless I want to share some of the early footage with you.

I. fallen america

there will be a major series about the destroyed beauty of american towns.
it's a real matter of my heart to capture one of the most amazing and inspiring places
I've ever been. it brings so much happiness in my heart I hardly can describe it.

featuring different ghost and indwell towns, retouching is not final, concept still pending.

II. old cars

yes they are back, I started photography shooting an old pick-up, so here we go again.

III. nature

I am trying to capture places in its truly unique mood.
as close as it gets regarding the daytime, light, weather.
more to show hopefully very soon.